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Mother’s Total Knee replacement surgery at Medanta Medicity Gurgaon under Dr. Ashok Rajgopal



  • This is a great forum... Infact, I have been consulting with doctors in Gurgaon for my mother's knee replacement for a while now. While I am still awaiting an appointment from Dr. Rajagopalachari ( heard he now operates at Fortis); I have had shown my mother to Dr Anurag Awasthi ( Associated with Artemis, Pratiksha etc) last month. Would really appreciate if anyone has any past experience with him. He came across as very professional yet quite hospitable and kind.
    Another doctor that I wanted to consult was Dr Bhushan Nariani @ Indian Spinal. Any reviews on the doctor & the hospital set up??

    Thank you all.

    Soumonath Chatterjee

    I recently got bilateral total knee replacement ( B-TKR) done for my mother at Max Super-speciality Saket, under Dr. SKS Marya.

    While collating information regarding knee replacement in India i came across this thread and found it to be immensely useful. Through this post i want to ease the trauma for information seekers, by presenting a clear picture of my experience.

    4 things are most important when choosing hospital for knee replacement :smile:
    a) The experience of the surgeon and his team,
    b) The implant used and surgeons comfort level with implant
    c) post operative pain management
    d) physiotherapy

    a) Experience of surgeon :

    Many good surgeons exist in metros ,specially delhi , bombay and chennai. I was looking at delhi as i did not have any support structure in other cities. Options before me included Dr Ashok Rajgopal ( Medanta), Dr SKS Marya( Max Saket), and others. After collecting a lot( i mean a lot) of feedback on ground from former patients ( i had a chat with about 8 patients from medanta, and 6 from Max, 3 from AIIMS, 2 from Artemis, 4 from fortis, over a period of 3 months through my contacts, i zeroed in on Dr marya @ Max hospital Saket. TO be frank at the level these surgeons operate skill is same , people choose them for their personal considerations of faith, convenience and personal contacts.

    Feedback about Dr SKS Marya : very gentle person, understanding and willing to listen to you ( and not in a hurry to judge you or to force you into an option.
    Dr. Marya Has a great team and in sofar i have inquired i have not heard of single botched up operation on his part. His team was very professional as well. He has been doing knee replacement surgeries for about 20-25 years now and is a master of his trade. He also has great support infrastructure at Max superspeciality saket.

    P.S : Ending August 2016, Dr. SKS Marya is shifting to Medanta .

    b) Implant used are of 2-3 broad types : 1) CO-CR : is the mainstream implant which is the standard for knee replacement surgery for about 10-15 years now. This implant is a workhorse and accounts for about 97 % of knee implants in India. This is the only implant which is approved when you opt for treatment by insurance. This is the favourite implant of surgeons in India for most of the cases as they are comfortable using it ( for many years now) and are well verse with contingencies and post operative implications related to it.[ cost = 87500 per knee]

    2) ATTUNE : this is a advanced version of knee implant COCR manufactured by DePuy ( a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) . Theoretically it has longer life and more lateral movements than COCR implants. BUT since it has been launched only in 2014, so not much data-points are available for corroborating its claims .[cost= 2,62,000 per knee

    3) PERSONA : this a knee implant that competes with attune knee. theoretically almost the same to attune knee ( from a patients perspective), and also equally unproved. Patients who have had them cannot differentiate much between them and nonrmal COCR implants.[cost= 2 lacs +]

    c)Pain management post operation : pain is the biggest devil post operation . in my mothers case pain was managed really well. She was speaking to us 2 hours after surgery and wasn't feeling any significant pain, just the weakness from empty stomach and drowsiness from anaesthesia. For the remainder of the stay in hospital she didn't feel much pain either.She did not have any other problems like diabetes, hypertension, or blood pressure priorly. The nursing staff was good, but then you have to keep chasing them , or they take you for granted.

    d) physiotherapy : 22 hours after surgery my mother bent her knee for the first time.It was very painful, but with great pain comes good recovery. After that she actively started walking twice a day using walker and since discharge a physiotherapist visits us and the progress has been real good.

    Some other points :

    a) insurance : preference order of hospitals for insurance is - corporate mediclaim> CGHS>Individual insurance.

    In my case it was corporate mediclaim, so my mother lived in a single room with great facilities and after 7 days of hospital stay i paid about 10k only(Surgery and implants included), rest was borne by my insurance company.

    Feel free to question and comment.
  • @prashant1 this is great information that you have shared. Very well researched and expressed. I'm sure many people looking for knee replacement info will find this super useful.
  • My GrandMother is suffering from severe Knee Pain.
    She can barely walk. There is inflammation around her knee . I took her to doctor and he advised me for Knee replacement.
    My Grandmother is of 75 plus.
    will it be fine for her if she will go for knee replacement at this age?

  • @Rajeshwar
    Knee replacement is a major operation and takes a long time to recover.
    Your grandmothers general health should be good to be able to undergo this operation. You should take opinion of a general physician to understand about the readiness of your grand mother for this operation.
  • I recommend Dr Anurag Awasthi as one of the best Orthopedic surgeon in Gurgaon. He operated on my mother for Knee replacement for both knee joints. She had some heart problem, so operation done one by one. Its been 3 yr now, and she is very much comfortable.
  • For my mother i'm researching about Total Knee replacement.... there are many hospitals with famous doctors in Delhi, Chennai... after gone through many browsing i've narrowed my preference with Dr. Anil Arora in Max Patparganj and with Dr. Lenin C in Apollo are ur recommendations..??? do u know for 1 knee how much cost will needed...??
  • @ Maruf Max Balaji hospital Patparganj cost of single knee replacement is approx 1lakh 55 thousand. You can heck this cost of this hospital and other Delhi hospital at below link.

    Apollo hospital chennai cost for single knee replacement is around 2 lakh 10 thousand. You can check this and other cost of Chennai hospital at below link.

    Wishing your mother a successful knee replacement surgery and speedy recovery. Also requesting you to please do share your experience once you mother completes this procedure.

    All the best

  • @Slevam...hey thanks... but i think cost will be more than quoted there for 1 knee.... i think on average $5000 will be needed...... by the way I'm from Bangladesh..there are many hospital and centers for Knee replacement..i at first dropped the centers for this...becs for a major operation a full-fledged hospital is better... 5/6 best hospitals r there in Chennai lso 2/3 hospitals r best...but i narrowed down 2 doctors, Prof. Anil Arora and Dr. Lenin C....becs my preference is ofcourse Computer navigation is a must and if possible Minimally Invasive Surgery.... on the basis of these 2 criteria i assumed they wud be better.. Dr Ashok Rajgopal frm Fortis, Yash Gulati frm Apollo delhi lso there who regularly use Computer Navigation...but i prefer celebrity doctors less becs of their constraint time for patient... on other hand Dr SKS Marya frm Medanta is an excellent doctor but i didnt find info from web-browsing that he's practicing Computer Navigation... otherwise some acclaimed senior Professors r there in your country who r still practicing like In Sir Ganga Ram hospital, Primus...but the same point i like to have Computer Navigation in these r factors i considered.... but as a foreign patient with couple of attendants our cost will be more...
  • I am planning to get my mother operated at Medanta for knee replacement. From what i understand is we need to stay for minimum 22 days. So wanted to know if someone can help me with any accommodation facility available near the hospital area. Thanks in advance.
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