Mother’s Total Knee replacement surgery at Medanta Medicity Gurgaon under Dr. Ashok Rajgopal



  • @Saurabh Shakya
    I want to get TKR surgery of my leg from DR RAJ GOPAL from Medanta . I have cashless insurance .I am above 60,no diabetes,no blood pressure .Can You please give me likely expenses for the surgery

  • I want to do my mother right leg revision knee replacement surgery ,..what is the cost

  • Hi! my mother is 90 years. wanted to know what are the pros and cons of having a knee replacement surgery at that age and a good doctor besides Dr.Rajgopal
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    @tia Hi Tia Here are the peoples review about Orthopedic doctor.
    I hope it would be helpful to you in searching the best.

    Dr. A. N Malviya at Vasant Kunj : My Mother was suffering from Arthritis. I had consulted so many doctors but nothing effective. Everyone was behind your money Then one of my friend suggested Indian Spinal Injury Center. Here the Doctors are very nice. I went to Dr. Malviya. His fees was 2200, My mother is recovering has lots of improvement. But the bad thing was you have to wait for long waiting period

    Dr. Sanjiv KS Marya at Saket : If you searching for an Orthopedic Surgeon then you can go to Dr. SKS Marya Max Hospital, Saket. He is the best in his field. I went him for my mother Knee Replacement. He has been doing Knee Replacement for decades. Till now he has done more than 15000 Joint Replacement Surgeries. You can search his profile on Internet.

    Dr. Mathews Varghese at Tis Hazari : Please consult Dr. Mathews Varghese of St. Stephen Hospital, Best Human being and a very good doctor..Smile emoticon.. Operated me for 8.5 Hours and I am walking because of him, Performing with my Rock Band - A Dream come true because of him.

    Dr. Ashok Rajgopal at Medanta: Professionally He is very good, But I would never like to be his patient He is not a good person by nature as He even do not even want to talk or discuss anything and rejected my case. Very insensitive person. Though my Wife, Sister, and Father have been his Patient.

  • My mum is 60yrs many doctors recommend for TKR what is the best hospital max. Aiims or Apollo and how much for TKR
  • hi all
    I am new member here and need to go TKR for my father who is 78 yes old and diabetic. he is not bedridden but having continuous pain in knee. he is scared of operation and feels if op is not successful, how he will be doing his routine daily job
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  • @maverik My mother in law has got her both knees operated. She is able to lead a comfortable life, though she can't bend her knee completely but she can do all routine work.
  • @maverick My mother in law was 65 when she had her operation. Your father is 78 also he is diabetic , you should take second opinion about the Knee replacement because as I understand diabetic case is not simple . You should actually check if surgery is advisable in this age or not. I would request other community member to comment as per their experience. Please do lets know what doctor has to say. Best of luck.
  • Hi all..please suggest.i am from father age 54 having lot of pain in knee.suffering from pain since last over 10 years.some of the doctors told there is gap between knee joint you should go for knee we want visit in delhi so suggest a good orthopaedic doctor having experience in TKR so he consult us in good way if there is any need of knee replacement or otherwise..please reply urgent ..thanks in advance.
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  • Hi Saurabh,

    My mother has been recommended Total Knee replacement. We have Medanta in mind for the surgery.
    Can you please help me with your contact number. Have few queries .
  • Hi, i am surender, my mother is suffering from knee pain. Please let me know what is the approximate cost of knee replacement.

  • Hi
    My wife needs the TKR for both knees.

    We are told that post surgery Ice fomenting is required and so WINTER is NOT a good time for surgery .

    While we also feel that in winter infection is low. We need to consider both aspects .

    Can somebody advise about the most appropriate time for TKR??
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  • @Vkmathur
    We decided to get the surgery done for my mother in winter as we were more worried about infection rather than the discomfort of ice fomenting. Also, since the beginning Dr Rajgopal has mentioned that there is serious risk of infection (because of this he does not allow visitors to see the patient after operation for around 24 hours), that is why infection was the top most concern for us.
  • @Saurabh Shakya

    My mother required to go for TKR as by now we were consulting Dr. sanjeev Kapoor in indian spinal injury center , he used to inject some thing every 3 months or so which used to give releif for some time. but as it is used since last three years so i feel it is of no use know and Dr. also recomended for tkr, Before going to Dr. Rajshekher in Medanta you might have consulted some other also please share your experience.
  • @Vikas Kumar We have consulted Dr in Bangalore and Lucknow before deciding to go for TKR. As all of them have recommended the operation we went ahead with it.
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  • @saurabh it is ok but in delhi it self there are some good Dr like Dr malviya in ISIC, Dr Bhan in primus and many more in Max etc, what parameters helped you to finalize on Dr. Raj gopal even some persons have complained that he does not answer the query properly.
  • @vikas kumar the primary reason was that some of our acquaintances had a good experience (in terms of no complication, fast recovery etc) at Medanta under Dr Rajgopal. He may not be very good in communication but he is definitely good at his work.

  • Hi Looking for good doctors for TKR of my mother. Heard Dr Rajgopal has a failure rate of ~ 30%. How is Dr J Maheshwari? Malvya and Sanjeev Marya. Would appreciate if some one has done good search can guide me
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  • What's the cost of both knee replacement surgery using zirconian knee implants, in delhi/ncr. And which hospital/doctor specializes in this. How long does the recovery process take?
    An early reply will be appreciated.
  • @Suresh1
    Don't know about Zirconian implants but the recovery takes around 6 months to recover fully. By about one week from operation the patient can walk around the house with the help of walker on their own.
  • I am 72. My knee surgery is on 29th March
    I want to know the pain will last for how many days
    I have heard from some people that single knee surgery is not very successful
    Please enlighten
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  • @MrsSatishArora
    Pl do not worry, my mother had her two knees replaced one at a time, with a gap of around 3 years. She faced no problem at all. Success rate of the operation depends on the skills of the Dr and his team.
    All the best for your surgery. Pl share your experience with others on this community after your surgery.
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    Posting on behalf of @smamna

    Hi Saurabh, i am Amna. my mom also needs to get done TkR surgery, and have heard a lot about Dr. raja gopal. i am pretty content after reading reviews about the doctor, hospital and staff however i have read quite a bad reviews as well about Dr. Raja Gopal that he is rude, insensitive and arrogant, does not talk much about the issue, and people have recommended to not to go to him? i am little worried now if that is the case then how will i clarify all my doubts and questions since the does not speak much??
  • @smamna
    Yes I can understand the confusion, we also were struggling with the same doubts. However, for us the skills and reputation were more important than the communication skills. That is what made us decide in Dr Rajgopal's favor.
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  • @Saurabh Shakya
    This thread is really very helpful. Thank you Mr. Saurabh Shakya.
    I'm planning to go Medanta for my dad's knee replacement. I was in ambiguity and selected a hospital in Chennai, however in the main time before leaving for Chennai, our mind swinged and we decided for Medanta.

    When I call, I was also suggested for Dr. Ashok Raj Gopal Ji. By hearing your feedback, I'm confident and very positive too.

    I will also share my experience post operation. I has been told the cost is 3 Lkh however final can say post see of patient. I really thank full for your comments here. I am sure it would have helped and make positive lots of people..
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