Help Please to find good gynecologist in main noida

Can somebody suggest a good gynecologist in main Noida, currently consulting Dr. Manorama Singh, Max Noida. Confused between Monica malik, Apollo and Rakhi Singh, Max. So if you have feedback for any of these doctors please share.


  • hi, Dr. Manorama is quite good from what I've heard. Recently one of my College friend got her child delivery at Max under her. So they were quite pleased with Her. Apart from that, Dr. Madhu Shrivasta is there. Have heard a lot about her also, but some reviews are against her , as they complaint that she has too many patients, so she obviously can't handle all of them on her own.
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  • Hey Pavitraji I can tell you about Dr Monica malik as I had consulted her for my pregnancy and She is a very good doctor , I tell you to meet her and find out at your own that way you can have the second opinion also from this doctor and if you like her then you can continue. I thing I like about her that in spite of having rush she would listen to you unlike others. I have recommend her earlier as well

    As I am in sector 62 of noida so I prefer going to Fortis, Although I agree @Swadesh about Dr Madhu , She is HOD of Fortis very busy lady spends hardly any time. She has her peers to handle patients, So you will never feel assured after the consultation. In fortis I like Dr Monica Wadhawan.
  • My suggestion is never to go to Dr. Manorama Singh, Max hospital Noida. She is only sitting to earn money before she retires and not at all concerned about your health and your feeling. I have consulted Dr. Manorama Singh, Max hospital, noida for one and a half year and she wasted all of my time and its been 2 years that I am unable to conceive. She operated me for hysterscopy for polyp removal which never worked, , she didn't even come to see me or my husband after the operation and after 3 months of ultrasound we saw 3-4 big polyps again. Moreover, she suggested me some medicines and told me if doen't work she will have to operate me again, then I changed my gynecologist. I had approached her after looking at her good reviews on internet and assuming that she is more experienced but now it seems she has gone old enough to have patience and loss of memory, even after 1 and a half years she forgets my face and my problems. She will never answer my question and will start prescribing medicines and tests and always in rush to take more patients instead of solving our problem or clearing our doubts. She never tries to understand that what phase we are going through and only interested in taking more and more patients so that she can earn more money, making fool of innocent people with genuine problems. After spending huge money but no positive result. My suggestion for you all if you don't want to waste your time never ever approach her. In her clinic I have met many ladies who had miscarriages and abortions, very rarely have seen any pregnant ladies. Thanks
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