Suggest a good gynecologist in Saket or Malviya Nagar Delhi

Hi friends,
Please suggest a good gynecologist in Saket or Malvyia Nagar. And also if any one has any personal experience with Dr Anita sharma of Max Saket then please share. Request you to please share your experience of good doctor in this area and help me choosing the right doctor.


  • @Prettyp You must have chosen the good gynecologist by now. Please help me if you know the best gynecologist at Mx Saket.
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  • @dineshkumar I Know its late. But Dr. Sonia Naik is the best doctor at Max Saket
    One of my friend deliver her baby there and I am sharing her experience there.

    Dr. Sonia Naik .. Max Saket : I delivered my both the child by her. I went to her for the delivery of my first child. I met her precisely 1 month before my delivery. She instantly made me comfortable. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. She delivered my 2nd child as well. She is now far busier than before - mostly due to word of mouth recommendations.
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