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I have a 6 weeks old baby. I went to a pediatrics in Greater Noida for vaccination. I was surprised when he told me that its going to cost Rs 5400. Then I visit other doctor he told me its going to cost around 3700. When I browsed on the net I found that these doctors are administrating non mandatory vaccines on baby. One of my friend who is working with ministry of health told me that one can blindly trust government hospitals for vaccines. He himself took his baby in government hospital for vaccination. Please share your experience.


  • @shekhar‌
    I have a 2.5 yr old and had been taking him to Fortis Noida for vaccination. You can read about my experiences

    Though I'm not an expert but the cost of vaccination varies due to following
    a) whether it prevents fever - after some vaccines are administered fever is common but the same vaccines have more expensive versions in which fever can be prevented
    b) the markup put up by the doctor.

    a) is your prevent b) it is best to ask doctor for the vaccine name, buy it from the chemist and get it administered by the doc. This is actually the normal practice in Fortis so we never paid more due to this.

    Since vaccines need to be stored below a certain temperature I'm not sure how strictly is the temperature controlled in Govt Hosptials. What happens if there is a power cut for 3-4 hours? This is the reason we always bought vaccines from the pharmacy within Fortis.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other question.
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  • @shekhar @Saurabh Shakya
    Please give me government approved baby vaccination detail and vaccination charges if possible
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