Fortis Shalimar bagh review for TLC down treatment

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Date of treatment : Tuesday 21 August 2012

Doctors do not know anything at Fortis Shalimar Bag hospital.They only know how to make quick bucks from patients.

My dad had low TLC count so our family doctor advised him to admit in a hospital. I admitted him to this hospital.3 days we were there.It was so pathetic.It is like 5 star hotel.First day restricted/(daliya,khichri) food given to my dad and from next day morning doctors advised for normal food(paneer, daal, rice and dahi) so I thought he was ok then.In the mean time all the tests (All blood test, xrays, CTscans) done by hospital. And doctors visit in 3 days were limited (3 only ). Junior doctor came after 24 hours of CT scan and said everything is clear its just an infection and due to that TLC was down (it was around evening) so he suggested that senior doctor would come and tell you exact course of action. Next day morning senior Dr. Rajeev Gupta came and said he feels that my dad has symptoms of TB(Tuberculosis). I was shocked.And he said he needed to do tests for TB now which are Mantoux and then if required he needs to go thorough a Broncho-graphy. I asked him that your junior Dr. told that My dad is fine and you were supposed to discharge him today. he started being aggressive/arrogant and used terms like (I have studied this for 40 years, how can you challenge this blah blah).After this small argument I understood that he is making us FOOL. so I decided and asked him to discharge my dad ASAP. NOTICEABLE thing that my dads cough was intact in these 3 days only fever was not there. I saw my bill and it was more than 20K only for tablets/injections given to him.I paid around 40K.

After that I went to Saroj Hospital and showed my dad's report to them. And doctor on duty told us that my dad hardly around .001% needs immediate admission. Doctor said that I will advise you do it but I found no reason for the same so please bring your dad to Morning OPD and visit the doctor. He will advise you the better treatment. I did the same and next day after having first lot of tablets my dad's severe cough gone and he could sleep well after all the trauma he went in FORTIS
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