Baby Delivery experience in KG Hospital Coimbatore

I am based out of bangalore but I planned to have my delivery at my home town I consulted a gynecologist madhulika in cloud nine until 8 months after which I consulted chandrakalamaran in KG hospital Coimbatore.

I dint have any complication during my pregnancy, so I visited Dr Madhulika only for regular checkup. My experience with cloud nine was good in many ways including the scan done there where the doctor showed our baby part by part, letting my husband also see the baby and so on.

I dint have the same kind of experience in kg hospital since they were slightly conservative, but the doctor was very polite and took good care of me. I had to undergo c section operation due to complete placenta pervia. The operation was carried out very well.

On the day before the operation, my gynecologist explained the complete procedure n cleared my doubts.i liked it tat even the anesthetist came n explained the type of anesthesia planned to be used. Overall this gave me confidence in them.

The hospital was very clean and it was maintained so mainly because the house keeping manager visited every room every day and checked for feedback.

After my delivery I was kept in ICU mainly for rest and baby was in nicu because I couldn't take care of her.she was fed lactogen. This is one thing I felt could have been handled differently.

The nurses there were mostly from the nursing college of the hospital so they were not very knowledged, but when there s a query the head nurse addressed.

The package they provided was for 50k which included stay for 4 days, food and everything. We only had to pay for registration n few minor other things

The food provided was not extraordinary but good enough. They also provided advice on nutrition n post natal exercises to be followed. Overall it was a good experience
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