Why I started medlly?

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When I was pregnant with our first child, the hospital that I picked for regular consultation was on the basis of brand of the hospital and proximity to my house. In that hospital I chose a famous gynecologist for consultation, again going by the brand of the doctor. My belief then was that ‘If it is a well known doctor in a corporate hospital it has to be good’. I couldn’t have been more wrong.The doctor was super busy and had little time for any of patients; the hospital was too corporate and lacked any kind of warmth. Had I known about these fact earlier I would have reconsidered. This got me thinking about the irony that exists in India currently - Bigger the decision, lesser the background facts are available. Some of the examples of this phenomenon are - deciding on some surgery, buying a flat, picking a good college for your kid etc.

After my baby was born, I decided to take a break from my regular job and do something about the problem of selecting a hospital/ doctor. The lead to creation of medlly where I started adding experiences with doctors and hospitals that I or my family members had visited in the recent past. It so happened that after I started medlly, some of my close family members underwent knee replacement operation, open heart surgery, cataract surgery. I started by sharing their experiences and shared these thread with my friends to see what they feel about it.

I was expecting to hear back from my friends things like “not enough information being there” but what I got actually got was - “your page does not look good”, “can you change the colors on page?”, “can you add some photos”. This lead to some changes on the site and made some of my friends happy. Hopefully lot more people will like the changes that I had done. All this happened 2 years back and now there are many more people who feel the same way about this information gap and are now actively contributing their experiences to medlly.

I am now a stay-at-home mom trying to tackle a big problem. My only goal is to maintain medlly to such a level that I or my friends/ family can confidently believe what is written here. I also plan to publish a weekly post about my experience that will motivate other moms to start on their own. How I’m going to do all this along with the tantrums of 2 year old boy is a subject for another post :)


  • It's a Good thing tha you have started here. There are lots of people out there, who look into Internet before deciding. However, most of us still go by traditional marketing methods of Referrals. But it's good to have a platform where people can share their views.
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  • Thanks Swadesh. I welcome you to Medlly community. You have rightly summarized the motive to start medlly. Its all about sharing our personal medical treatment feedbcaks and helping people who are looking for that information. Looking forward to hear more of your experiences.
  • You are doing an awesome job. I landed on this site by way of google search. I was looking for information on knee replacement for my mother when I came across one post on Dr Ashok Rajgopal. However, many more posts have left me confused on where to go.
    But nonetheless, this is great effort and I admire for keeping up with it.
  • @avinash‌
    About Dr Rajgopal, do you mean the different posts on medlly confused you?
  • I read your experience here and really appreciate your initiative. Becoming parents is the biggest gift in this world we can have and the one more truth is we do not want to compromise for being parents in terms of Doctor, medical expenses etc. But again unfortunately I have to admit that in our gr8 country, Doctors have become so rude and money minded. Some doctors will suggest you just unwanted scans which are not even required as they earn commission... Recently one of my friend shared with me how rude Dr. Phadnis in Pune..
  • Great social initiative! My best wishes
  • Very good platform . This is really helpful. @Manisha thanks for taking this initiative and starting this .
  • @manisha ..A wonderful job you have done by creating this page! Thanks:)
  • Thank you so much @Deepesh , @pimplesaudagar , @vihana , @archana that is so encouraging. It gives me energy to keep going and helping in my own capacity.
  • This is a good platform .
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