Suggest good pediatric oncology surgeon (neuroblastoma)

My 1 year son has a rare nerve cell cancer - Neuroblastoma. He has responded well to chemotherapies.
We need to get surgery done to get his tumor out. Since the tumor is complicated, it's enclosing key arteries (aorta and its branches), we need to get the best surgeon who has done Neuroblastoma surgeries in the past.

Please recommend a good surgeon anywhere in India.


  • From my personal experience I can recommend Dr BK Mishra, neurosurgeon Hinduja Hospital Mumbai. Dr Rakesh Jalali, MD CNS Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
    Let me know if you need any specific information further on this.
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  • @Sunil79 Based on people in my extended social circle in Bangalore I am sharing some of the opinions and experiences below.

    1. Dr Ramchandra ......................who was earlier with Manipal hospital Bangalore but now moved to sakra hospital can be consulted. Moreover he told that tumor board needs to be set up who would decide whether to go for surgery or not. And in this case chemo and radiotherapy both would be needed.

    2. Pediatric Onco Dr.Anand Praksh......... in St.Jhon hospital Bangalore can be consulted for second opinion though not sure abt tumor surgery but worth meeting him once. he will definitely give best solution

    I am still looking for more information. Will update when we have any pointers here.
  • Hi Sunil,
    My brother in law heads the oncology deptt. at Gurgaon civil hospital.
    He also heads a charitable trust to treat cancer patients at "Yash Cancer Foundation".
    I think you can consult him...If you wish to go ahead, i can share his contact details with you
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    My son had leukaemia 2 years back and he is fine after chemotherapy.... Dr.Anand Prakash at St. John hospital Bangalore is paediatric hemetoncoligist; he is not only doctor but like god for us....he is beyond doctorism and great human being.... there are many paediatric surgeons in his team but I am not sure if they can do the same surgery that you are looking for... tomorrow I'm meeting Dr. Anand for my son's check up and i will talk to him about your child... will let u know then what he suggests. He did his specialisation from Delhi only so i guess whatever he would suggest could be the best.... I have tremendous faith in Dr. Anand and St. John hospital..each child they consider as their own child only... let me know if you want something in specific info...good luck
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    I spoke to the doctor...he and his team deal with neroblastoma...he already have children with neroblastoma.. he said before surgery, the tumor should be reduced with chemotherapy which i think already your child has under gone...about aratry involved, he said he can tell more after seeing reports only... but till you are in hand of some good pediatric surgeon's team anywhere its fine...he asked me where currently you are taking treatment....
  • Can I know how to contact Dr.Anand ? Is there any of his personal clinics? I want to see him for my niece(7yrs Old) .She has B cell ALL(Luekimia) relapse while on treatment .
  • CMC Vellore as one of the best in the country for all sorts of Cancer treatments. They have well experienced medical fraternity and they work as a team; whereas in most other hospitals you are most often at the mercy of the one doctor that you seek consultation from . In case you are considering CMC, please have someone go to the hospital in person and register the patient (with all medical records) with the concerned department, as online appointments have longer waiting period. Best of luck.
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