Finalizing the hospital for total knee replacement

Hi, I am in the process of finalizing the hospital for total knee replacement for my mother in DELHI. Based on the mediclaim network and inputs from acquintances, I have zeroed in on Primus or Sant Parmanand hospital - primarily to due to the 2-experienced orthopedic doctor at these hospitals. However, I am unsure how to conclude within the 2.

Looking for inputs from folks here which one did they opt for between the two, why and their experience post the surgery?
In case, you opted for a different hospital also, how did you finalized apart from the following:
1. - Mediclaim Network
2. - Expert Orthopedic surgeon
3. - References from the known network

Look forward to hear


  • @Sudhir:
    In my opinion the doctors are the most important factor. Can you pl share the names of the doctors that you are considering at these 2 hospitals. This will help our community to share experiences with those doctors as well apart from the hospital.
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  • My Father in law had his knee replacement done at Sant Parmanand Hospital by Dr.Shekhar Agarwal and we are very satisfied with his operation. It is a reliable hospital and well reputed doctor.
  • Hi, I want to consult a good knee replacement/orthopaedic surgeon for my 70 years old mother who is having severe pain in her legs. I am thinking of Dr Raju Vaishya who sits in Apollo OR Dr Jitendra Maheshwari (kneeandshoulderclinic)..can anyone give feedback on these doctors? OR suggest any gud one in Apollo, Escorts, Holi Family or any in South or Central Delhi
  • @Sudhir Hope you got good doctor by now, if yes then please do lets us know. We are searching badly .

    @kunal1982 Thanks for sharing this. How is your father in law doing now. In which year he got operated?

    @raowajahat How is your mother now ? Have you got the surgery done for her ? If yes then please tell which doctor you chose finally and how is your ma doing now.

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