Need feedback of Dr Preeti Aggarwal in Gurgaon for pregnancy consultaion and delivery

I am new to Gurgaon and I have been looking for the best gynecologist in Gurgaon for pregnancy consultation. Someone had given me Dr Preeti Aaggarwal reference so wanted to hear from real time patients. Does she gives time to patients ?
Does she focus and encourage normal delivery ?


  • Hi Ashmita, I had consulted Dr.Preeti in my pregnancy, she is as strict as teacher and caring as mother. She gives adequate time and encourages normal delivery. I too had normal delivery. I strongly recommend her.
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  • Many thanks Vartika Sinha. Good to know that you had normal delivery . I also want normal delivery for myself. I have heard Apollo has huge rush all the time. Does Dr Preeti consult in Private clinic also? If you know then pls do share her private clinic number.
  • Preeti Agarwal from Apollo Cradle is good, we have consulted with her. She is professional and knowledgeable
  • @Pavithra: It would be really helpful, for all of us who are considering Dr Preeti, if you can throw some more light on your experience.
  • Dr Preeti Agarwal is expert gynecologist ,I have consulted her once and she gave enough time to hear me out.
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