My knee surgery at Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore

The all famed Dr. Thomas Chandy was the major pull for me to get the surgery done at Homat Hospital for complete tendon tear. In the whole procedure he must not have attended to me for more than 10mins and this is including the time he spent in operation theater. Operation room is clean and operation went well, but they can definitely improve on the patient care. I took semi-private room which is reimbursable under cashless medical insurance from company. The staff can be more co-operating. The crutches which are used post operation, were not measured correctly by hospital staff and my father 65yrs old has to run around for the same, to get corrected. They should have owned up their fault and given us the corrected crutches. Overall, they have lots to improve in patient care, but value for money is guaranteed.

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  • Hosmat hospital is the best place for all orthopedic problems. This hospital deals with orthopedics only. I go there for my arthritis and knee issue regularly and I got lot of relief. I consult Dr Krishnan Prasad there.

    Dr Chandy is another famous orthopaedic surgeon there but i agree that he doesn't operates himself. His assistant does it. But he is good and has many successful cases in his hand. One of relative has Scoliosis and Dr Chandy and Dr Yogesh pithwa did a major surgery and our relative is doing perfectly fine. But i agree @Shailendra Shakya that hospital can improve more on care front.
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  • @Naitru thanks for sharing your experience..
  • I Think Hosmat is a Better Hospital.
  • @Mir Abdur Razzak Thanks. It would be really helpful if you can share your or your family's personal experience with Hosmat Hospital. Like which doctor you met and how was doctor's treatment and in how much time patient recovered etc. Looking forward for more details . Thanks in advance.
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