My baby's Photo therapy at Samvedna hospital, Noida - Never visit this hospital

Three days after the birth, my daughter was diagnosed with high levels of bilirubin (jaundice). This is very normal with newborns and the therapy is an extremely simple one where newborns are kept under white light for a day or two. Given that the therapy was a very simple one, we did not go for big name hospitals and chose one nearer to our home (Samvedna Hospital, Sector 48, Noida). Their charges were not too different from those of the larger hospitals.
The agony started when we began dealing with the extremely inexperienced staff at Samvedna. We were attending the baby in shifts. We could see her when we wanted to, but were not allowed to sit for long in the therapy room. We were away from the hospital only for 5 minutes in a day while we changed shifts. During one such shift change, the nurse there saw the baby crying and gave her some formula milk. We were shocked to find that she had prepared the formula milk using normal unboiled drinking water and did not even care to warm the milk. Besides, she did not even seek permission.
When we went to give a feedback to the hospital owner Mrs. (Dr.) Chaudhary, she totally avoided talking to us and came out of hiding only when we refused to pay. She justified this action of the nurse saying that it is fine to feed the baby with the same water that you use for drinking (unboiled).
The hospital neglects hygiene and the staff is very unqualified. never visit this hospital.


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    Today I visited Samvedana Hospital ...horrible experience ... I have cervical disk bulge leading to pinching of nevers ...Its clear MRI reports suggest surgery ...someone told me about ozone process which is stichless and painless procedure ...
    Met Mr.Chaudhary a stupid and hyper doctor I have ever met ...
    Stupid man want to experiment wd steroid injections on the spasm muscle, not bothered to listen and to see the investigation reports...he don't want to see anything ... I'm suffering since almost 2 months now ...
    I have all my documents
    He is not even ready to check MRI pictures....and reports .... after I insisted he just saw as its a scrap.
    He just want to earn money from injecting me steroids and taking money.... he said he will inject steroids on shoulder muscles so that my pain is reduced ...then what about the cervical disk ...for that I need to meet surgeon as he says.....I have already met surgeon where I have been asked for surgery, I even took striods(Defacort 6mg) for a week ... but no relief, even physio dint help ...
    I visted him for painless ozone treatment as given in the hospital website .... all fake.

    He doesn't knw anything ... too agressive and hyper.Never visit here hygiene, bad staff...

    He just stood up and went away ....aggressively in between the consultation time. (Jaha chahe jake dhakha do)
    Patient go with pain to a doctor ....and this is the way he behaves .... after taking so much money as consultation ..
    The quality of the hospital setup is too bad ...not worth as hospital like Fortis or Kailash....for such consultation.
    Horrible experience ..spend 750 rs for consultation ...which I have just wasted.
    Never go to this hospital.
    All that you will read on net is just fake...
    Below standard hospital.... not meant for educated people ... he can continue fooling uneducated people.
    Never visit ...once again I'm requesting u all.
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  • @sheeba Hi Sheebaa.
    Have you ever try for AIIMS. I do not have any of the personal experience there. But I have listen a lot about AIIMS. The main thing is that this is an Govt. Hospital, So you do not need to worry about the money. Doctors are very well experienced. The thing which you have to spend there is your time. I think it will be worth to Consult a doctor there.
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