Best Gynecologist in Pune for pregnancy consultation and delivery



  • @Nadia You are from which area? is that Dr. Gandikota Bonashree Venkat you are asking about?
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  • Very good experience with dr. Milind Dugad my friend had. Also I had very good experience with dr otiv in KEM. He does less internal examinations. Good normal trial. Finally caesarian was done, but discharged in 72 hours. Safety of my baby was more important rather than risk. I would strongly recommend Dr. Dugad or dr. Otiv.
  • I can suggest best doctor for Gyneacologist and Infertility problems in India. Dr Vijaydeep Kaur from Rana Fertility Center was in recent news as four babies were born by test tube baby or IVF technique under the guidance of Dr Vijaydeep Kaur.
  • Hello all

    I am from Pune and have a history of 2 miscarriages wherein there was no heartbeat both the time. I am looking for a gynecologist who is experienced in handling such cases. My age is 34, and trying to conceive but dnt know which doc to show. I have thyroid and high blood glucose. Please suggest doc who can take care of this issues and help in preventing miscarriage for the third time. Please share your experience and help. Please .

    Thank you in advance!
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