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  • How are Gynics at Apolo clinic , Noida? We r trying for baby, since last 2 year's.. . All our reports, tests, are 100% normal. Even then it's not happening. Does any one have any idea or remedy. Sometime we feel so sad that we once even gave away the hope.
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  • hello, may i know the best gynacologist in Bavdhan area? any good gynacologist in vita life care hopital?
  • Any idea about Dr. anagha gadikar?
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    Hi All,

    my wife is having PCOD and we are staying in hinjewadi. I have consulted to so many doctors in lucknow and gurgaon but i am not satisfied with them.please suggest best doctor near to hinjewadi or if its far no matter. i will manage. kindly suggest...
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    @bamishr Please do't lose hope, There are no medicines for pcod. Doctors mostly prescribe birth control pills which regulate ovulation and make your periods happen on time. But With those medicines you won't be able to conceive. I am talking from experience here. Please go natural..

    Stress is the main reason.Don't be stressed physically and mentally, indirectly it will effect.If you are wife is working and if possible then please ask her to take a break, The idea is reduce the stress. Go for a walk, eat healthy and stay healthy. Focus on losing weight by healthy diet. For my case after trying changing lot of doctors and changing doctor. I joined Yoga and lost 9 kgs in three month by 4th month onwards my periods were regular at its own and I conceived in 5th month. Now I am mother of a 2 year old.

    Wish you loads of luck. Be positive.

    Btw how is wife weight and stress level ?
  • @Ashvini check this . Connecting you here with @bamishr hope you can Share with each other if you have fine a good gynecologist or you have conceived normally. Best of luck to both of you
  • @Kriti28 Thank you so much for sharing your ways to handle PCOD. IT would be good if you can start a thread on PCOD and share more details around it. I am sure many people will be glad to know the live example.
  • Your most welcome. First time I got to share something otherwise I am silent observer here. As I had gone through all this PCOD pain so exactly I know how frustrating it can be. Thus I thought I should answer this.
  • My sister had very good experience, with dr. Suhas Otiv. She also followed advise for weight loss, which you mentioned correctly, and then some medications. He did not prescribe any un necessary drugs. Don't loose hope.
  • @bamishr even I have suffered a lot for PCOD. I work in IT..and have rotating shifts including night shift.. and have waight on Higher Side. I have consultation in Bangalore though.. but it had main thing to loose weight, walking, healthy diet..and 3 months of course of medicine.. this is the only work around for PCOD.

    In Pune couple of my friends having medicine from Dr Manisha Risbud.. she is from kothrud and even sits in cloudnine shivajinagar.

    Other one is Sanjay Jadhav. Fertility expert. I think he has his own IVF clinic now. Earlier he was with ONP. I am not sure where he is now... May be with Gupte Hospital deccan.

    Hope this help.
  • Hi all. I am new to pune. Can anyone suggest good doctors in pune near viman nagar. Also has anyone heard of dr Archana kankal? How is she? I too suffer from pcod.
  • @asingla have you got the good gynecologist in Baner ? please help we are looking for one in this area. thanks!
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    Hello everyone,

    I won't recommend anyone to Dr otiv, we took worst decision of our life by going to Mr otiv.

    My wife delivered (normal delivery) baby girl under the supervision of Dr Otiv on 21st July 2015.
    Both mother and baby had no health issues, baby didn't cry immediately after birth and doctors (assistant doctors) don't know the reason, due to that, my daughter's BRAIN is severely damaged during birth and doctors including otiv had no clue.
    Now she is in very bad state after two years.
    So take care of your infants and don't ever take risk of going to Dr Otiv.
    God bless you.
  • hi, i had very good experience at Noble Hospital of Hadapsar with infertility treatment. Reasonable Charges also. Also Gupte Hospital at Deccan. Very senior, crowded has many assistants. We realised that it is inevitable that delivery hospital will have assistants as one doctor some times cannot take care 24x7.
  • @sanjuP Thank you so much for sharing your experience this will help many people. :) Please keep sharing and helping people.
  • My sister was referred to KEM hospital, on emergency, got admitted in kem, placenta was low down, risk of bleeding, got reasonably ok attention and went home on day 5 of operation. Baby discharged. Got ok service in general ward, reasonably clean and it was much cheaper than private room / ward they said. They had qualified drs DGO / MD even when main dr was not available. It is a good low cost option for middle/ low middle class.
  • Please suggest a good radiologist for 5th month anomaly scan in hadapsar /camp/ nagar road etc.
  • @vijeta Dr Manoj chinchwadkar is best for sonography in Pune so if you can travel little bit then you can go but better take appointment as an appoint take about 4-5 weeks his place. very busy doctor.

    Otherwise you can also try Noble hospital or columbia aisa hospital.
  • @vijeta Dr. Manoj Chinchwadkar is very experience Sonologist in Sadashiv Peth, Pune so can be tried for important scans or for second opinion.
  • Appt from Manoj Chinchwadkar is just not available. I know dr. Otiv's clinic at Rasta Peth, near camp has a very qualified anomaly scan service. Don't remember his name. There is no rush there and each scan can take a long time at times upto 1 hour. All sinologists are not experienced in this.
  • Dr. Neha Agarwal at Cloudnine Kalyani Nagar is also good .
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    We have very bad experience with Dr.Otiv. I was totally all right till the time of labour pain. Even sister was saying i will deliver normally but suddenly one assistant doctor came and said there is emergency we need to perform C-section.
    My husband had fight with them but they were not listen to us and unnecessary they did c-Section. Literally even after one year we feel guilty to choose Dr. Otiv. They insisting us to take epidural. While injecting epidural the situation suddenly changed.
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    Hey guys, i can suggest you some good gynecologist in Pune -
    Dr. Girija Wagh - Specialist
    Dr. Asha Gavade
    Dr. Manisha Munemane
    Even some good hospitals also i can suggest
    Columbia Asia Hospital, Jehangir Hospital, Nova IVI Fertility, Patankar Hospital
  • Please suggest me doctor name who belive in normal delivery for twins baby with ivf trtemnt i heared dr otiv name but there is positive and negative both reviews are there so i was confused so pls suggest me name and any one here dr madhulikha sing at adityabirla hw was she thanx
  • Does anyone had experience with dr gandikota.. Was planning to consult her for my first pregnancy.
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