AVR experience and cost in Medanta Medicity and Fortis Escort Delhi

I am considering Medanta medicity gurgaon and Fortis Escort for AVR ( Aortic valve replacement ) . I would like to know the experience and cost of AVR at both these hospitals. Please share your experience and cost to help me make this decision.


  • @Sameer AVR cost in Medanta is around 4 lakhs approximately. The entire procedure is around for 8 days and then you will shall be called for the follow ups.
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  • @Sameer AVR surgery cost at Fortis Escort Delhi is approximately 2 lakh 85 thousand and plus the Valve cost . Valve cost depends on Patient to patient. It ranges from 80 thousand to 1 lakh 60 thousand Rs.

  • @Sameer I also have to undergo an AVR surgery and am in same dilemma - Medanta or Escorts? Will be grateful if you can share where did you finally got it done from and how was the experience? What were the costs involved. Will love to speak to you if possible !

  • Dr.Trehan of Medanta Hospital has advised my nephew stationed at Gurugram for immediate replacement of heart valves and the cost given is Red. 9.3 lacs.The most worrisome part is that the Hospital wants Red. 9.3lacs to be deposited in advance at the time of admission. Pl. help.
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