Eye operation at shroff hospital, kailash colony,new delhi review

I have undergone surgery of both of my eyes at shroff hospital under Doctor Deependra. I have Keratoconus problem in both of my eyes. Due to this the shape of my eye's cornea was distorting very fast and my eye sight changed from 0.5 to 6.5 within 6 months period. I tried at Eye Q, artimis and other hospitals but no one could recognize the actual problem. Then I showed at Shroff hospital and they recognized in the first time itself and decided to do the surgery. Surgery was ok and i was discharged on the same day. Overall experience was good. The doctors were very helpful and positive.


  • Thanks for sharing your feedback Yashvendra. Can you also pl tell what was the cost of operation at Shroff Hospital?
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  • Hi Yash. Thanks for your feedback. Is it possible to give me your number in a private message? Thanks.
  • hello, I want to go for lasik. I am wearing Spects from past 8yrs. I am 24. Can u please tell me the procedure and operation cost for that.

  • One of my close friends was operated of cornea in left eye few months back . He has again developed some problems in the same eye having some white like substance. Drs have advised him to go for second operation. Pleases advise me with regard to (i) expected period of stay at Delhi (ii) expected expenditure pf operation and admission etc. as he has to come to Delhi from about 700 km away. Which Dr will be better in your hospital for the cornea operation.
  • @Yashvendra Singh @anjali @jpyadav @reddyrs

    Hi All,

    I am a 36 year old suffering from weak sight. That is -10 in one eye and -8 in another because of which I wear thick glasses. Please suggest me if I can go for LASIK or icl treatments so that my specs get removed.
  • I was interested in getting lasik treatment. I consulted with Dr. Daniel Mathur at Shroff eye care. She told me about two types of lasik. One worth 42k and other worth 92k. She insisted me for taking the surgery of 92k only and made me so afraid of the standard surgery that i may loose my vision afterwards and its so so risky It was such a bad experience, they almost made me so fearful about lasik.
    Please avoid shroff eye care. First they charge so huge consultation fees of 1500 which includes just the tests which i took from bcims for just 150 with good surgery experience at just 30k.
  • My son has keratoconus dr advised for C3 r treatment we live in Aurangabad Maharashtra please guide us what is the cost in Sankara nethralaya Chennai and how is the experience . Please share personal experience if you have any. Thanks in adavnce.
  • @Yashvendra Singh @reddyrs @jpyadav and all

    I have keratoconus which is stable for many years. I have been suggested intacs by doctor. Can someone who has already done intacs please give their feedback and how is Shroff eye centre for getting intacs done ?

    Please help .
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