Next-Generation Knee Replacement Surgery TKR with ROBONAVIGATION - Dr.Shailendra Patil

At Dr. Shailendra Patil’s Bone & Joint Care Centre we are pleased to introduce the Precision of Robo-Navigation (Robonavigation total Knee Replacement) with the advantages of MIS & Golden Knee Surgery which now allows patients to

Have less discomfort during and after surgery
Offers Much Faster recovery post-surgery
In-fact patients start walking within hours of the surgery
In a few day’s patient can go about their daily life like before – Painfree
Better aligned Implant offers much better comfort & life to the patient while walking.
By using Golden Knee Implant with this surgery can increase the implant’s life by many fold!
All this at a fraction of the cost of a Robotic Surgery

Knee replacement with robonavigation

In Robonavigation the sensors used in a robotic knee replacement is similar to what we use in a Robo-Nav TKR. These gyro sensors assist in aligning the knee implant of the anatomy of the individual patient. The knee joints alignment is unique to each and every human. The better the alignment of the implant with the patient’s natural anatomy the better will be surgical outcome and future comfort to the patient.

The process of alignment begins by placing the gyro sensors on Femur (THIGH BONE) and Tibia (LEG BONE). Then the patient’s leg is moved up and down (at the knee). Based on the movement the sensors & a computer program analyse the deformity of the knee joint on a 3-axis plane. Subsequently, calibrating the optimal positioning of the knee implant required. Now, as the knee surgeon replaces the knee the Robo-nav constantly guides the surgeon until the implant is placed at optimal angel & inclination with respect to the patient’s leg.

In earlier days the doctors had to use their experience & judgement to align the knee implant. However, with Robo-Nav that guesswork is no longer required and surgeons can place the implant with high precision.
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