Some things that nobody will tell you about the knee replacement

What are the reasons doctors decide to carry out a Hip Replacement Surgery in Navi Mumbai or knee replacement?
They are to give relief of pain and restore the functionality of the joint.

Do these surgeries help in achieving the same? If you see the statistics, then certainly yes! More than 90 percent of the patients experience a complete (or substantial) relief of pain once they recover.

Moreover, they see the total restoration of the functionality. They can walk without a limp, there is no need for a walking stick, and they live a normal life.

In fact, it is impossible to make out that the patient has undergone surgery unless it is told.

The secret of success
What makes the knee replacement surgery in Navi Mumbai or hip replacement so much successful?
The relief one gets after the surgery is beyond explanation. The life returns to normal, instead it becomes better.

Minimally invasive partial knee procedure is the best procedure for people having osteoarthritis that is limited to one compartment of the knee.
When you Book appointment for the partial knee replacement, you should be comfortable with the impressive track record of it.

The surgery has been performed by experts for more than two decades now. It requires a smaller incision as compared to the conventional method. The amount of post-operative complications or pain is manageable. The rehabilitation period is much shorter than you expect.

Of course, surgeons at Bone And Joint Care Clinic decide to perform the surgery after consultation of an expert and experienced orthopedic surgeon.

Partial and Total knee replacements
The ‘Mini Knee’ surgery or minimally invasive partial knee replacement is not for everyone. Doctors check whether the person is suitable for it or not.

Though it depends on the particular case, people having inflammatory arthritis or diffuse arthritis throughout the knee are not considered the right candidates for partial knee replacement.

The Total Knee replacement method is known as the ‘Gold Standard’ operation. It is one of the most commonly performed surgeries worldwide.

It is suitable for middle-aged or even elderly people who have arthritis in more than one compartment of the knee.
The result is excellent. People come back to the normal life, and the surgery remains effective for over a decade without trouble.

Hence, do not delay the appointment with an expert orthopedic surgeon. Enjoy the fantastic benefits of surgery and enjoy a healthy life.
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