Cardiologist & Cardiac Surgeon Options Delhi-NCR

My father had a 2nd heart attack this week in Assam. He has 2 stents from 11 years ago implanted by Dr. TS Kler in Escorts. Local cardiologist has advised that we need to get an angiogram done and might need to do an angioplasty or a cardiac artery bypass surgery. We plan to take him to Delhi-NCR. Since my father's treatment is reimbursable, the Govt will refer him to a Hospital of my choice but we need to stick to one hospital. I am torn between Medanta, Gurgaon (Dr. Praveen Chandra or Dr. Balbir Singh for angiogram/ angioplasty & Dr. Anil Bhan in case we need a bypass) or Max Hospital, Saket where Dr. Sumeet Sethi who we has been our consulting cardiologist is located. I am yet to find a good Cardiac Surgeon at Max, Saket. Has anybody undergone cardiac surgery at Max, Saket? Any advice on which hospital has better doctors for treating cardiac diseases?
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