Please suggest a good orthopedic doctor in Modinagr , Gaziabad

Hi, my mom age is 46 and she is not able to stand for one hour and there is too much pain in both knees and also knees are not in normal position . Please suggest what needs to be done.


  • Hi Prachira,

    Hope your mother has checked her Vitamin D , Vitamin B12 and thyroid ?
    Normally now a days these are culprit for body pains.
    Also How is her period/menstruation cycle ? Because once women reaches menopause then certain change inbody happens due to change in hormone. She can meet any physician also first to rule out above all possibilities and if the physician suggest you to meet orthopaedic doctor then you can meet orthopedic doctor .
    Hope my suggestion helps . Take care . Wishing your mother good health.
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