Suggest the best treatment of Adenoids in Gurgaon

Hello All , My 5 years old child has been diagnosed with large adenoids n doctor has advised for surgery saying, there is no treatment for this.I would like to know who is the best ENT surgeon and hospital to handle adenoid surgery for kids in Gurgaon. Additionally i would also like to know if there is any other way to treat this with medicine instead of surgery.

Other alternative treatments like Homeopathy ,can that be trusted. Anyone who has taken help of homeopathy and had been successful in treating this then kindly share your experience.



  • I would like to recommend Dr Shashidhar TB from Artemis hospital. He is very good and experienced pediatric ENT doctor.
    My kid also went with surgery a few months back and I personally suggest go for surgery .it's a small surgery.nothing to worry about. It will bring immediate relief to the child who will sleep better. Better sleep means better growth . Your kid will definitely going to be in much better state which he/she might be in now.Even i was worried like u till i did not opted for surgery. Trust me it's total one weeks fight after surgery.
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